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The financial model is the hardest part about making a pitch deck

Once you know your market and the problem and you’ve vetted your solution, it’s fairly easy to put together a pitch deck using templates. But the financial model and pro forma are still a nightmare, and they’re the most important part. If you wing it and don’t provide quality projections, smart investors can tell right away—and they will walk.

Use our financial model builder, and no one will ever know you didn’t hire an accountant

Our founder took a class from Harvard Business School on financial accounting so you don’t have to. RaiseIQ is an easy-to-use platform that guides you through every step of creating a professional, stunning financial projection. We’re angel investors ourselves, and we’ve put in everything we want to see when analyzing a deal. 

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Save time and wow investors

Without RaiseIQ

  • 20+ hours
  • Confuses investors
  • Clearly done by an amateur

With RaiseIQ

  • 30 minutes to an hour
  • Impresses investors
  • Looks like an agency did it for you

Raise money easier with these smart features

Jumpstart Data

Jumpstart Data

Get a headstart on your financial model with preloaded data you can tailor to your business

Financial Model Template

Financial Model Template

Ready-to-use template that you can start with and customize later when you know your numbers

Manage Different Models

Make more than one model, whether you’re considering different startups, or want to test data

Pro Forma Made Easy

Create five-year pro forma statements that will satisfy investors (no accounting degree needed)

All of the Financial Details

All of the Financial Details

Assets, tax rates, dividends, direct costs, operating expenses, growth rates—it’s all covered

Professional Design

Ditch the yucky spreadsheets for beautifully designed charts and reports investors will love

Answer our questions, and your financial model is ready to go

Not sure what to include? No problem. Just follow our steps and you won’t skip a beat.

When you’re done, update the colors of your charts to match your deck. Then, you can download or print your financial model including its assumptions, pro forma, and charts and reports.

Answer our questions

Build it now, update it later

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Investor Pitch Decks

Use RaiseIQ to drastically reduce the time it takes to make a financial model while upping the quality. Put the graphics in your decks, and be extra prepared for any questions.

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Ongoing Financial Analysis

Rely on RaiseIQ to adjust your financial model every month or quarter so you can keep pace with your business goals. It’s expert financial planning made effortless.

Here’s how to create a new financial plan

Add revenue streams

Add revenue streams

Input recurring and one-time charges with annual growth rate, varying monthly amounts, and other details.

Specify your expenses

Add your hosting and other direct costs, your team salaries and benefits, your contractors, your marketing costs and more.

Input assets

Input assets

Include anything your startup owns that’s worth something, and we help calculate the spread of its value over time.

Clarify your liabilities

Clarify your liabilities

Taxes, dividends, and financing. Give details about your liabilities in a simple format that guides you to completion.

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Stay updated. Get early access. Build financial models fast.